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Employment: Emissary periodically hires investigators throughout Virginia. The qualifications include a minimum of a bachelor's degree, 1 year investigative experience or equivalent, i.e journalist, HR, Etc., OR a minimum three years of military experience with an honorable discharge. In addition to those qualifications, we seek employees who are passionate about investigations, present themselves well, are professional, like a challenge, are eager to learn, capable of working independently, have great communication and writing skills, think outside the box, and are focused on getting results.

If you feel you meet these qualifications  please send your resume to cborba@emissaryservices.com.

About us...

When Christopher Borba moved to Roanoke, VA, he found there was a lack of investigation firms that provided professional level investigations to law firms and businesses.

Emissary was founded to fill that void, and provide law firms and businesses with the same level of professional services they provide to their clients

Emissary is staffed with 5 employees located in various areas throughout Virginia. Our staff consists of former military and/or law enforcement with backgrounds in areas of intelligence, major crimes, interviewing and confrontational interviewing, arson, surveillance, undercover investigations, research, and more. They have worked in operational environments ranging from undeveloped nations and some of the most dangerous streets in America, to prestigious corporations and secured government areas.

We come to work not just to work, but to improve the image of our industry, and to provide our clients with exceptional investigations and intelligence. The work we do now is better than the work we did six months ago, and the work we will do in six months will be better than the work we are doing now. That is our promise to you...


We have a native Russian speaking investigator within our team who has lived and worked in Russia and FSU states.  The investigator is fully qualified by the Department of Defense as a Russian interpreter and translator. The investigator has over seven years of interpreting experience while working with multilateral treaties and agreements at the DoD and the State Department level. In addition, he served 22 years in the U.S. Military.